Naming Those Marauding Elephants

Flying from London to DC to work with The World Bank group on their corporate leadership programme. This allows me some time to reflect on interesting, thought provoking, past couple of days I have had, presenting at the CIPD OD conference with our client Rob Jones - Head of OE at Crossrail - telling the story of the collaboration and alignment work we've done together over the last 3 years on the Crossrail programme. Among the highlights and learnings for us to share was the importance of keeping the OD simple, practical and meaningful. 

Crossrail is so complex, the number of interfaces overwhelming. Building collaborative culture within an enormous supply chain across organisation boundaries is a tough job. But focusing on building intimacy so that real trust and deeper relationships form is a fast recall to getting the issues on the table & naming those marauding elephants!

 Great energy to take with me from one long standing client into another well–established client, though cut from a very different cloth!  I head into this two week leadership program, alongside my co-facilitator team, where we hope to help key future leadership talent of the World Bank Group make the critical transition from being the technical expert, relying on their ability to generate results themselves, to leaders who build climates and create environments where others can flourish.

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5 Oct 2015

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